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Sarah and Beth at redpepper in Nashville, TN 

Sarah and Beth at redpepper in Nashville, TN 


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We believe deeply in the transformative power of hard conversations. Practicing respectful dialogue builds our intellectual, emotional, and spiritual muscles in ways that benefit us in and far beyond politics. The Pantsuit Politics team is available to bring our nuanced approach to universities, businesses, non-profits, and faith-based organizations. We're available for keynote speeches, workshops on topics ranging from grace-filled dialogue to exiting your echo chambers, facilitating seminars and interviewing guests, and political reconciliation work. Our live podcasts explore current events without resorting to tired talking points and with a focus on solutions, vision, and commonality.  

For colleges and universities, we can work with first-year students during orientation to establish a foundation for curious, respectful, and life-changing exploration of values and policies. We can help work through political tension on campus in small classes and workshops. 

For businesses and non-profits, we offer lessons in listening, leadership, and speaking difficult truths in ways that others can hear. We can facilitate workshops about how gender impacts all of us in the workplace and how everyone can and must participate in creating inclusive workplace cultures. 

For civic organizations, Pantsuit Politics can host town halls and work with community leaders to do the work of bringing people with opposing viewpoints together. 

Here's what people are saying about our live events: 

In a time of seemingly insurmountable political divisions, any institution of higher learning would benefit greatly from Beth and Sarah.  During their time at Ripon College, they lead classes on mass media and the dangers of being trapped in an echo chamber.  This helped my students to reflect upon their consumption and use of social media platforms. They led workshops that encouraged students to engage civilly and productively in the political process, in particular focusing on productive engagement of those with whom we disagree. During their keynote presentation, they used candor, humility, and humor to tell their stories and to dispense invaluable advice that will inspire future generations to be more empathetic, open-minded, and, perhaps most important, willing to engage in the political process in a time when many have given up on politics because of the extreme polarization of the current climate. - Steve Martin, Ph.D., Professor of Communication, Ripon College


Pantsuit Politics Live is a chance to interact with the complex and hard conversations Beth and Sarah have every week. I attended a show in Nashville and it was even better than I thought it could be. The hosts are gracious engaging speakers, who want to have the hard conversations in a way that both introverts and extroverts can appreciate and join. I come away enriched every week from their podcasts. At the live show, I felt like I had come away from the best religious experience. I was filled with both hope and purpose, and a desire to help make the world a better place. I hope to see them again soon. - Kellian Tonetti 

Beth Silvers and Sarah Stewart Holland of Pantsuit Politics bring engaging conversation and thoughtful analysis to podcast listeners each week. This nuanced approach to dialogue is elevated in front of a live audience as observers get to witness the grace and respect that is possible during challenging conversation. The ladies of Pantsuit Politics encourage others to learn and to grow in an organic way that is not only relevant but lacking in current public discourse. By inviting Pantsuit Politics to your event, you heighten the collaborative nature of your audience as Beth and Sarah encourage personal introspection through the lenses of politics and current events. - Megan Hart

They absolutely offered their heart and soul with up to date facts, humorous stories, and shared great takeaways for our women to take back and utilize in the workplace! I would recommend this pair for any speaking engagement. They have a craft of tailoring their skills to the topic needs of your program and make the presentation very engaging and stimulating. - Tammy Henkel, Director of Mission Advancement, YWCA  

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